31 oktober 2013

I made it!!

Well, I'm kind of taking the win for granted, BUT it's only today left...

As I said before, I've survived Cinnamon Bun Day and I've made cookies and cake for my mum's birthday without tasting or eating any of it!

Now I'm really looking forward going to dinner at my bff Linda's house this weekend. She's planned a Halloween meal for us and I'm excited! She always makes the best food and has the nicest decorations! I'm treating myself to a glass of wine and dessert and then I'm going to be back on track.

A couple of weeks ago I went down to the basement storage and pulled out my boxes of old, too small clothes. I was actually able to takes some of with my up again. I also took two pairs of Jeans with me. One pair is still too small, but with just a couple of inches I will soon be able to wear them! The goal is to be able to wear them on our concert trip to Gothenburg in mid November. I hope I make it!

My basement-"shopping"
Mom's present with wine, cheese and candy!
Have a nice day!

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