3 oktober 2013


Hi, it's me again!

This month is going to be a bit special.... I don't know how many of you that struggle with your weight and your physical appearance., but I sure do! This month I will be trying to stay off any unnecessary sugar, like candy, ice cream and alcohol. So far so good...

For inspiration I have Shaytober and I really hope they can get me all the way! Check out the link to Shay's YouTube channel and get in the game, it's never to late! You can also find the team on Facebook (search Shayloss)

My goal in this is to keep up the level of exercise I'm on, maybe increase it a tiny bit. I also want to loose some weight, how much is yet to see....For now being able to put on some old, smaller sized, clothes for our trip to Gothenburg later this year is enough weight lost. I've started out strong, and it looks like day three also will be victorious!

If you need motivation and inspiration, click on the links above, Shay is awesome!

Hope you enjoyed!

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