20 december 2013

New job!

Finally my efforts are taking me where I want to go!

I'll be working with the Swedish IRS in a town not long from here for five months.
I did make some changes so that my application letter is professional enough for this kind of position and it had an effect.

I also feel that it's right for me at this time in my life. I've managed to get some real life work experience that has forced me to grow in myself and that has given me a good look in to the lives of real people!

I've been wanting to have this opportunity since I've graduated from collage, but not until now I've managed to feel strong and confident enough to actually apply for the job!

So... this week I've manage to, as we say in Sweden, "klippt mig och skaffat mig ett jobb"! (cut my hair and got a job) and I'm really happy!

Also, the big moves is coming up soon.... It's all prepared for and I sincerely hope that if will not affect you in any way!

By the way... I'm going to do another "no suger challange" again for January... anyone care to join me? This means for me to skip all kinds of candy and alcohol. I will also try my best to eat LCHF, but I will probably modify that.

I hope and wish for every single one of you to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope you enjoyed!

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