26 december 2013

Packing polish?

As you know, I got the best Christmas gift... a new job!

But, unfortunately I need to move away for these five months that I have the position. I've already arrange with a furnished apartment but now I also have to pack some of my personal stuff...

The first thing that causes me problems is my polish collection. What to bring and what to leave at home? I will be able to get what I miss at the weekends so for now I guess my choice is to pack all my untrieds and all my swatch sticks. This means I will be able to continue making posts for the blog and to plan nailart. Bases and top coats of various fashions are also included, after all the are essential!

Now I'm thinking about if I need to pack a regular black and white and if there is anything else related to polish I need? I'll let it be for now, but if you have any suggestion for a must have you're welcome to tell me in the comments!

This is what it looks like now...
Two boxes from IKEA
Polish in the bottom and cups for storage on top
More polish in the bottom and the swatch stick on top
Hope you enjoyed!

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