23 december 2010

Depend Art Liner

Ok, ett lack till i min samling! Den här gången en Art Liner från Depend. TIllgänglig i sex färger, svart, vit, silver, guld, silverglitter och guldglitter. Eftersom jag gillar silver köpte jag den rena silverfärgen....

In english: Ok, one more polish in my collection! This time a small art liner from Depend. Available in six different colours, black, white, silver, gold, silver glitter and gold glitter. Since I like silver I bought the plain silver liner....

4 kommentarer:

  1. I totally forgot to look at these the other day when I went shopping. Maybe I'm a bit stressed out over Christmas anyways. I mean, FORGET a nail polish!?! That's just crazy! LOL

    Looking forward to see a nail design from you with this liner. Interested to see how opaque it is.

    Merry Christmas darling ;)

  2. The design is coming up tomorrow! I did the same thing yesterday, actually came home from shopping without a polish!!

    Marry Christmas to you to!

  3. I was just doing a search on these liners and found your blog. May I ask where in Sweden did you find them? I have looked everywhere I can think of and so far, no luck.

  4. I got this one at Lindex and they had a few of them left at christmas. Haven't seen them anywhere since then....