11 februari 2011


When I was surfing around other blog I found a design that I really loved. On top of that I realized I had the material to almost copy it. THIS is the original design by My Simple Little Pleasures.... and below you can see mine. Thanx for the inspiration Colette!

I've used China Glaze Misteltoe Kisses as base, wore for a day and the stamped with black konad special polish and konad imageplate m64. I loved it and wore it until it started to chip!!


With colour accent

2 kommentarer:

  1. My simple little pleasures är alltid en bra inspirationskälla :) Din manikyr blev ju också kalas :)

  2. Kul att du hittat hit! Det är alltid trevligt när man hittar inspiration hos andra som man kan göra något eget av....