10 februari 2011

Flower French

From my latest nailthings-purchase this one grew.... I wanted to have something nice yet a bit playful when me and my best friend went to IKEA last weekend. I really wanted to buy myself a Helmer, but it'll have be another time since we just bought new officechairs.

On to the konadicure! I made a nice plain white french tip to start out with and then I applied a flower from Konad Imageplate m20 in neon pink (Depend 34). I also added some of my new 1,5 mm light pink rhinestones in the flowers. The neon pink pops out a bit better in real life and is really cute. I put the design differently on each nail just to get a bit of life to it!

This looked really good when I was finished at night. It had completely dried with the topcoat. As you can see, there is some bubbles in the design that appeard overnight and I really think that I need to change my topcoat! I'll show you anyway, since it is the design that matters!

Base colour: Depend 4250, Light Pink for French Manicure
Tip: Isadora Tip White
Konad: Depend 34
Konad Imageplate m20
Konad Rhinestones in Light Pink, 1,5 mm.

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