1 februari 2011

Naked nails

It's been a month since a showed you my naked nails.

My nails are still brittle and does flake and because of that it's really hard to keep them all the samt length! I still wanted to do this as I want to be able to see when or/and how the silica works for me. As for now I don't seem to see any differens, more than that my nail grow a tiny bit faster....

Yesterday I had a battle with a couple of big boxes containing our new officechairs and the nail on my left middle finger broke... I also see that my right thumbnail is starting to crack....looks like it's gonna be gluetime soon for it!

Left with middle fingernail short.... :(

Pretty even but thumbnail about to brake
Can you see the little crack on the thumbnail, just below the white near the cuticle? I don't now why it's doing that. It's been like that since I started growing them long. Well, some glue will fix it!

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