18 mars 2011

Kubiss 59

This is a brand that I had not heard of until I got it in my hand.... My boyfriend got it from Tradera with some other polishes and it took me some time to figure out where you can by them.

I found out that you probably can buy these att Gekås in Ullared and at Dollarstore in Sweden. It originates from London (click HERE to go to Kubiss website).

As for the polish itself, as I checked the Kubiss website for the colors I found out that this color, shade no. 59 is Grey.... nothing else! When I check it out in the bottle and on the swatch I did, it is more to black and I think it has a hint of red. It also has a slight shimmer in it. I like it...

Application was a bit hard and therefore you can see that I was not completely able to avoid my cuticles and did not have time to clean it up. The brush is small, too small for my liking, and it makes the application a bit harder. I do not think I can give a proper comment on the formula yet, just because I didn't buy this in the store and don't know if it had been opened and/or used before I got it but I found it a bit thick. This is three coats just to get it even and opaque.

Cloudy daylight
Florescent lamp
Indoors with flash
Wow, what if I could get this much information into every post! Hope you enjoyed....

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