10 april 2011


This week I made the choice to sell a couple of my old gold-necklaces. They were just laying around, not being used at all for several years. I got a bit of money and wanted to spoil myself and restock a bit....

In our local Kicks-store they had take 3, pay for 2 on all Depend polishes, so I rounded up a Nail Strengthener and a Nail Serum. Then I had a problem.... which color to choose.... I have sooo mäny of them now that it's getting hard. Finally I chose number 136 (and no, they don't have any fancy names, sorry), a nice light pink. Hopefully I can cover up the yellow staining that has appeared on my nails....

No 136, strengthener, serum
I also wanted a top coat, as I ran out and didn't like that much..... Sooo, I looked for something that was cheaper and supposed to dry my nails quickly. I ended up with this:
So far I've tried it twice and it has kept its promise to dry your nail polish so that it is touchable after 1 minute. I'll keep trying this until I'm out and then we'll see if I buy it again. Even if it doesn't dry that quickly I still needed a top coat.....

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I hope you enjoy your new nail polishes. As for topcoat it is always a battle finding the right one. I'd be impressed if it really made them safely touchable in a minute. :)

  2. This is the best topcoat I've ever found from a lowrange brand. I just had to clock it, and I am able to touch and drag my fingertips over the nail without damaging them in just a minute! This is a keeper!