9 april 2011

Polish storage

I've been putting this one up for a while, just waiting to be able to by a Helmer.... seems like that day has to wait a bit longer still. So... I'm showing my temporary, not so good but OK, storage!

This is what I store my polishes in. It's really a bedside table but I have always used it as drawers for my desk. It's only the middle one thats filled with polish. The others contains office supplies and other stuff! The only drawback with this one is that you can't pull the drawers all the way out.... it really makes storing polish a bit hard because I want to be able to get a good overview!

On top of the "thing" I have my nailart-brushes, nail wheels, removers, nail files and all that stuff. I didn't want to take a picture of it because it's kind of messy  in that part of the room.
This is how it looks inside.... In the back to the left is my 2-way nailart-pens. Next to them I have some Isadora-polishes. To the right is my Konad-stuff and some rhinestones. In front of that is a few acrylic paints and in the front is a container with mixed polishes, for example China Glaze, Gallery Colours, Isadora and more. To the left, in front of the nailart pens I store all my Depend polishes (the round grey ones) together with what else fits in the box.....  I really have no idea where to put all my new polishes.....

I really hope that I could get a Helmer soon, it would be very nice to be able to get the things off of the top....

Hope you enjoyed!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Its all good. I don't use a helmer and probably won't get one. I like my storage system as I use a bookcase I've converted into storage in the basement and I stack my polish on the shelves in shoebox sized tupperware containers. I find it very effective.

  2. Thanx, it works for now! As I live in an apartment I don't have much room and need to be able to "tuck away" my stuff....