23 april 2011

Permanent Storage

Finally, I got what I have waited for so long..... My own Helmer!! I wanted a grey one, but was convinces that the white one would fit in better.... and it did....
As you can see, it's not that big. It fits under my desk and for reference you see my ugly computer to the right. It was the easiest thing to put together. I didn't need any help whatsoever. So far I only need the top drawer for my polishes. The second one har got cotton and makeup-pads. The third one contains my nailart-stuff and my nailwheels. The fourth one is not nailrelated and the bottom two are empty. This means that I got a ton of space and that I got to move all of my "stuff" to my corner in our room.

This is an owerview of the drawer:

And for a closer look I got:
All my Depend polishes. The mark on the top is the number (they don't have names) and they are placed in numeric order so that I can find them easier.
The Isadora polishes. These are already got both number and name on top... really clever since you need to store your polished upright. Here you can also se (in the middle) my three Claudia and my two MNY (to the right)
In the back of the drawer I got a bunch of odd polishes. The two black tops to the left is Gallery Colours. You probably recognize my three China Glaze. The red square one is H&M, next to it is a franken polsih and then one La Femme Bauty. The dark round one with a with dot in the middle is Kubiss. The octagonal ones are Mavala. The yellow one i Lumene and the black square is Pieces. Below that one is my nailglue (often needed) and then Yves Rocker (black). The round silver top is MakeUp Factory and then a Viva La Diva.
This is all of my 24 2-way nailart pens. I've put a dot of polish on top of each one as they don't have a name nor a number. It makes the whole thing a lot easier.
In between Depend and the nailart pens I got my mini Yves Roches and the original Konad polishes..
To the left of the Depend polishes I got my ridgefiller, a reserve bottle and a matte top coat. The white round caps are six acrylic colour for when I want to experiment and on top is my first striper (Lovie).

As my collection is ever growing I find this Helmer useful. I'm not really ready to label my drawers yet, and I have to find out a way to make the labels stay, they tend to live their own life! If you want a complete list of my polishes please refer to my Collection page.

Please feel free to ask, just post a comment or e-mail me at venne25@gmail.com

Hope you enjoyed!

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