19 maj 2011

Depend 135

This is one of Depends polishes from their Spring 2011 Collection and I wanted to show the three I have left of those before I get into their Summer Collection that came out this week!!

So, this is number 135 (no names as usual) and it is a jelly. The color is orange with hints of both red and brown. After two coats I still have a VNL. It's a cool color but not really on my favorites list....

The jelly consistency was really easy to paint with and I had almost no mistakes. Otherwise it was just like the regular Depend polishes.... And yeah, I woke up really early this morning due to really loud thunder and lots of lightnings and thus the pictures are taken outside in cloudy daylight.

And yes, I had a little accident involving my thumb and our car..... I've been patching and gluing it together on the left side.... even so before putting on this color. This time it didn't stick and I ended up cutting the whole thing off :(

Well, part from the ugly thumb I hope you enjoyed!

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