20 maj 2011

Pieces - Rose Powder

Grrrr... Blogger seems to live it's own life! As you can see... the previous four posts came in the wrong order (and one was duplicated) despite my efforts to schedule! Sorry about that, I hope it does not happen again.....

Well, this is another one of my Pieces polishes. I'm not quite satisfied with this one.... The color is nice, but completely wrong for my skin tone!! The color is a dusty pink and the formula is creme.... nothing special, but but would look really nice on someone with a darker skin tone!

As I said before, the bottle caps are square and a bit hard to handle. This time I manage a bit better.... You'll have to excuse the look of my nails... after my thumb accident I cut all my nails to get rid of some discoloration, and I don't have much time for care now that I've started working. Well... It'll get better when I'm not learning.....

Hope you enjoyed!

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