31 maj 2011

Petrol Posh

At last I have managed to get hold of all the polishes in Isadora Autumn/Winter Collection for 2010. I know it's almost summer, but I want to show you these anyway!

My first choice is Petrol Posh (no 703) which is a dusty teal that works this season also. The formula was perfect, one coat was opaque enough, but I did 2 coats just to get the free edge covered. The application was good, although I for some reason manage to mess up anyway! For once I'll give you more than one photo... my cuticles are looking better and the camera is being a nice friend!

Indoors, artificial light
Outdoors, cloudy
Outdoors, cloudy
I can see that the camera won't pick up the green in the polish, so I have to say that the color is a bit more green - the first photo being the most color correct.

Hope you enjoyed!

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