30 maj 2011

Nailwheel Blues/Greens

Since I got the complete Isadora Autumn/Winter Collection, I decided to show them. Therefore I want to show you both of the blue/green nail wheels.... as the collection consists of most blues and greens.

A wheel has 2 new colors:
7: Isadora: Blue Jeans (702)
8: Isadora: In the army (706)

B wheel has 4 colors from the collection:
1: Isadora: Petrol Posh (703)
15: Isadora: Hunter Green(707)
16: Isadora: Combat Khaki (705)
17: Isadora: Jaded (704)

The other colors in this collection are purple, red and brown. All coming up soon! And I promise a better photo of wheel B.... I'm out of sun right now and this one is taken the day after we got our new camera! Check the nail wheel page for updates.....

Hope you enjoyed!

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