18 juni 2011

Finally here!!!

I've finally received my prize for the Depend Design-competition. My choice was to get all 12 colors of the new Summer Collection as well as their Nail & Cuticle Cleanser and some light blue loose glitter. This was really worth waiting for because the collection consists mostly of blue and green color which you by now know is what I'm always drawn to! For now you'll have to stick with some bottle photos.....
Nail and Cuticle Cleanser and loose glitter
243, 242 and 251, all shimmers
252 (glassflecked), 247 (frost), 122 (with a pink sheen)
246, 250 and 249, all crémes
244, 245 and 248
Swatches and nailart is coming up, these just arrived.... I just hope to get some creativity going as well as some extra time and a nice bright sun!!

Hope you enjoyed!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Grattis! Can't wait to see those polishes swatched, been eyeing them in the store. :)

  2. They are being swatched one by one and will appear asap! The only thing holding med back now is the lack of a nice big sun.....