4 augusti 2011

Dazzling Aqua

The other one of the two Isadora Dazzling polishes.

This had the same sheer consistency as the green one and this time I did 3 coat to get better opacity. I'm really getting used to the wide brush and really like it now. I got some goosebumps on some nails and have not the slightest idea where they came from. No shaken bottles..... all my polishes are stored upright.... Well, I'll have to try again.

At the bottom you can see them both!

Hope you enjoyed!


4 kommentarer:

  1. In the bottom two pictures, the color is totally different and actually looks aqua.

  2. The blue is amazing!! thanks for sharing!

  3. Now I think this looks like Beach Bum Blu Essie!

  4. What a great polish, love the colour.