5 augusti 2011

Sunshine Award

Look what I got! I got this from Fingers at Fingers Polish Mania, thank you!

Now on to the Rules I must follow!

1) Thank the person who gave you the award-I sent some mails!!
2) Write a post about it-here is said post-
3) Answer the questions below-answers below
4) Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers who I feel are worthy and send them a message to let them know.


A) Fave color- Blue in any shade! Nothing beats blue....
B) Fave animal- Not so fond of animals, but Lindas beautiful cat girls are my fav!
C) Fave number- 19 - both my birthday and my nameday
D) Perfume I am wearing- Puma Red & White
E) Something that identifies me - My happy personality and "it'll be alright"
F) What is my passion? Well, nail polish is given, but also video/pc games and Geneology
G) Would you rather get or give presents- Get them! I love presents. If I find the right one I'm happy to give also!
H) What was the last eyeshadow you wore- Jeez....a while ago..... Matte and shimmer squares by The Body Shop in Cappucino
I)   Favorite day of the week- Saturday because I've been able to rest from the week and know I still have one the left of the weekend!
J)   Are your nails painted now? Do you really need to ask?? I'm wearing Isadora Dazzling Aaqua (684) and I love it!!

Ok, and now to the 10 bloggers..... if you accept, let me know, otherwise let it be.
1. The diary of a dreamer
2. Varnish me
3. Men and nailpolish
4. I'm feeling nail-ventorous

5. Polishloving
6. Purple Fairy Dust
7. The Polished Momma
8. Pink Beauty
9. Glazed Talons
10: Lacquered Lover

All 10 of you read my blog so this is the notice you get! If you already got this award or isn't interested, feel free to let it pass, no hard feelings. I do this as a fun thing and a chance to let you know more about me!

Hope you enjoyed!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Congrats! You're welcome! I love your blog!

  2. Thank you sweetie! But no thank you :) I got this one from someone else a few weeks ago but I don't feel like it. Love you. Hugs!