7 september 2011


Well... I thought I'd buy more polishes when I was away to a really big mall this weekend, but sadly I came home with only 4 and one is "Start to Finish" by Kiss. The other three is a ridge filler from Kubiss and a black and a white shimmer from Claudia. To the left is "Glistening Snow" and to the right "Glamorous Black"

Glamorous Black

Glistening Snow
Yesterday I went to my local Kicks-boutique and looked for the new Depend collection for fall, but the had their delivery today and wasn't done unpacking it yet... so nothing this time, I'll have to check again tomorrow. I did purchase to of their own polishes just to try them out. The left is "Fab Jean" and to the right is "Electric Blues"

Electric Blue

Fab Jean
At Ullared I also bought some nail sticker, a buffer, cuticle balm and the above mentioned "Start 2 Finish" but I think those picture are plain boring......

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