24 november 2011

Blue anyone?

I've been meaning to try out my new Klean Color polishes ever since I got them, but there has been so much going on in my life and right about now everything is pretty calm so I took the chance! I took Metallic Aqua.... (indoor photos, no sun!)

And then, after opening my secret Santa package, I layered it with Holo Blue....

I did not find that much of "holo" in this color, more a multicolored glitter that just is amazing! I actually can't stop looking at my nails!! And as a bonus I got to take the last photos in sunlight, thank you weather! These two polishes has great formulas, the Metallic Aqua only needs one coat if your careful. The Blue Holo needs two coats and then it is gorgeous. I found the brushes to be pretty good, I had just a couple of smudges to clean up!

ps. The idea of layering this over Metallic Aqua came from Egde of Sanity! Thanx, it worked out great! ds.

Hope you enjoyed!

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