23 november 2011

Secret Santa!!

As of today I was sitting here painting my nails in the most amazing blue color when I realized it was time for the daily trip down to the mailbox. Said and done, I went.... but stopped in my tracks as I opened the door.... there, in the stairwell, sat a big box!
I did go down to get the rest of the mail, but just laid it aside when I came up again! As soon as I saw this box I knew it was from Secret Santa at the Polish-aholics Anonymous on Facebook. I was jumping up and down even before opening!!

As I opened the box up I found little individual packages....
These made it even more exciting to open! Inside I found polish (of course), a "hand mask" (I'll be trying that out soon) and quite a lot of candy!! Look....

I'm over the moon right now and will be trying these out sooner than soon! Now for some closeups....
Confetti in "Sprinkles on top"
Mini Wet'n'Wild (silver, copper and purple)
OPI "Extra-va-vaganza!"
A nice green shimmery cute snowman (no name)
Kisse's and Reese's
Jelly Belly
Lollipops - love these!

M&M- candy
Hand mask from Julep
And all this for just $15, that's amazing!! And yeah, I have a question for you.... does anyone have the names for the Wet'n'Wild minis?? We can't find them anywhere. The only thing I know is that the purple one may be "Sparked"....

Well, I hope you enjoyed!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Yay I'm so glad it made it in one piece! And that it got there so fast! Enjoy it!

  2. Thank you once again!! I'm enjoying some candy right now and I can't stop looking at the polishes!