27 februari 2012

French Rose

This is a really nice polish for those of you who like the classic French manicure. It is a creamy white, a bit to the beige. It only needs one coat to look good as the base and if you put one more on top when you are done with the white tips it will look perfect! It is from Isadora and the name is "French Rose" (06) and says "French Manicure" besides the name. I used this as the base for this weeks Challenge-entry just to even out my nail color as you want to do with a foundation!

For ones I can wear my nails long during the winter and it is all thanks to Nail Envy! I keeps my nails strong and they don't break as easily. I even feel like they peel a lot less than before! These nails are still growing, that's why they are a bit uneven.... a bit more and I will fix them!

Hope you enjoyed!

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