2 mars 2012

February Haul!

When I came home from work today, I had tree packages laying on the kitchen table.... You can all guess what was inside!! When I saw that, I realized that I hadn't posted the haul for February so that's what you are about to see. Except for the 5 polishes that showed up today I had already bought 5 this month. Here are the pics...

Three older polishes from Isadora ( 54 Frosted Plum, 613 Lac Beige and 38 Icy Pink)
Close up on 38 Icy Pink
Spring collection (731 Silver Sky, 730 Icy Lilacs and 729 Marzipan)
Same as above
Also the Spring collection

Isadora: 630 Sweet Violet and 651 Silver Sparkles

Isadora: 627 Bonbon mint and 626 Blue Sky
Same as above
Multiglitter from Pretty Woman
The lot
I'm still waiting for a new bottle of Nail Envy and some Rapidry Spray, but you've all seen those before. And now.... on to swatching!!

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