1 februari 2012

Smokey Tuxedo

Surprise, surprise, another blue! This one might me my favorite dark blue so far. It's by Kicks and it's a midnight blue with a nice lighter blue shimmer. I felt like having something that stood out a bit after the soft baby pink..... I had to do 3 coats of this because it is kind of sheer. I started out with 2 coats, but decided on three after a day. I found it quite hard to put on because the brush made it a bit uneven (also a reason for 3 coats) and the brush is tiny since the bottle is only .2 oz (8 ml)

You get both hands today b/c my left thumb is hurt... the salad bowl broke and it cut me right at the cuticle! Treating it with lots of love and moister hoping for it to heal quickly.

Hope you enjoyed!

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