9 april 2012

Week 15 - "Easter day" Manicure

I know, I know.... a day late again! Well, I seem to having trouble taking time doing my nails.... But here it is!!

I started off with a skittle, because I was having a hard time choosing my color and style for this manicure... Here is, from pinky to thumb: Pieces "Blazing yellow", The rest is Isadora, "Power Pink", "Lilac Bikini", "Baby Blue" and "Marzipan" I prepared my nails with Isadora "Glamorous White" to get some of the colors more opaque.

As I'm going to a new job tomorrow I wanted to tone it down a bit and pulled out my Isadora Graffiti Nail Top in "Black Tag" It was just really thick and hard to paint with, I probably need to put some thinner in it.... but it worked this time!

I love it!! It is the most fun manicure in a long time!!

Happy Easter!

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  1. So cute! I love a great skittles manicure with black shatter!