15 april 2012

Week 16 - Dotticure

Started this one of by painting my nails with this gorgeous purple from Isadora, Lilac Bikini. I was really in a hurry to go to a Genealogy event and when preparing for the guests I kind of scratched a couple nails.... Well, I at least got a couple of pictures before I was off!

And for todays challenge I did a really subtle dotticure and I envy those of you who have the patience to a whole manicure with this technique!! I used Glitzy Purple and Bugatti Blue from Isadora and 34 and 218 from Depend.
A fuzzy picture just to let you see the design.
In the last photo you can see a little bit of the shimmer in the purple polish that is actually pink. I like this one and think I'm gonna try to make an attempt at my original idea of a heart shaped dotticure..... we'll see....

Hope you enjoyed!

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