22 april 2012

Week 17 - "Earth Appreciation" Mani

This is something that I have completely missed and had no idea what to do, so I just thought lets just do my Essence Nail Art Twins and I'll be fine!

This actually works really fine because I got Chuck and Blair and they get to represent the seas and stars! I got them in Amsterdam when I visited in December 2011 and haven't tried them at all.... Chuck is a really gorgeous medium dark blue that goes on nicely and I just needed one coat! Here he is on his own....
 I just love the color!! And now on to the twin part - Blair! I've never been a fan of chunky glitters and this one is not a exception. I don't know why, but partly because it's really hard to get it evenly spread out and stuff.... Well, this one is at least better, but not like the micro glitter that I love! Here it is....

They look good together and I'm pleased with how it looks even though I was skeptical at first.

Hope you enjoyed!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looks gorgeous! I have this set sitting in my untrieds! I tried my first ones last week (Edward and Bella) and so far, I love the Essence twins!