17 maj 2012


I know many of you already have discussed this issue, and now the turn has come to me!

I was just out looking around our Swedish auction-site Tradera. I was looking to see if I could score any HTF Depend or Isadora polishes and found myself checking out some new auction for the Depend Magnetic Polishes. As I was looking through the photos of that particular auction, I twitched and had to look again!! Was...that...my...photo?? And yes, it was!

There it is, in numerous ads and from the same seller.... I watermark all my photo, thank G, so it wasn't that hard to identify them. I also checked some of the other auctions this person has to offer and from what I can see they have manicure photos that looks like they come from different blog-pages...

I'm putting this out there for all of you that have your own blogs so that you can check it out and make sure your photos are not used improperly!!

I hope that no one besides me is affected and that you all can have a nice weekend!

3 kommentarer:

  1. sorry to hear that. you should contact auction site service and inform that photos are yours, not person who sells them

    1. I did contact both the seller and the auction site! The seller agreed to take them off and I haven't heard from the auction site yet.

  2. thats super rude! I've shared this on Twitter for others to see!