3 december 2013

Do you donate?

Today I read my work email and one of my co-workers had sent a really sad e-mail.

It was about a mom with two kids that has fled from a country far far away due to political issues and ended up here in Sweden. The immigration authorities have given them a place to stay but almost nothing else and my co-worker met this mom and really wanted to help!

This made me think! The most of us have things in abundance that we have tucked away in storage and cellars, so do I.... I managed to put together a box of pans, pots, utensils and much more and I really hope they get to god use!

It also made me think that we think to much about ourselves, I'm no different. But in most cases we do manage and there are a lot of people that can't even afford food for the day or to buy much needed clothes!

I need to get better at giving. I feel that if I can give something to someone now, I will be able to get something from someone later in life if I need it. So please, think about those who are less fortunate than youself!

For those of you here in Sweden, there are a couple of groups on Facebook that you can like that help people who are having a rough time, for example Matkassen and Mathjälpen.

Please make some else happy with things you can spare!

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